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Join Main Street Guymon Today

Updated: Mar 7



People in Guymon are working hard to improve our community. Small Business Owners, Volunteers and a few Franchise Companies are what makes everything happen here. The biggest obstacle in continuing growth and economic development is the complacency among our community members. We are all too busy, too broke, too focused on our own lane and are becoming islands. The holidays are the perfect time to reconnect and get re-involved or involved for the first time. Let’s build relationships that will continue to bring business throughout the year. If we work together, it is so much easier to make it happen.


Visit Main Street Guymon and ask what you can do to share your talents and time with the community. What are your interests and strengths? How much time can you give?

Learn about the organizations that are producing the community events and bringing in new businesses. 116 NE 5th Street, 580-338-6246 Melyn Johnson, Director.

If you are a business owner with a location or a pop-up vendor, you have all the more reason to be involved. What the organizations do to promote the community affects you directly.

Are you aware Main Street Guymon, the Chamber of Commerce and The City of Guymon all work together to bring in business development, education and marketing for local business owners, their staff, and help people interested in starting a business actually get started?

The resources are here – come ask for help.


$200 a year is all it takes to be a member of Main Street Guymon

$200 a year will get you a lot of event marketing and your name in the mouth of thousands of attendees which is an excellent start to building client relationships and retaining local/regional customers.


Now you're creating serious relationships, letting people know who you are, what you stand for, and that there is more to your business than services and products. Now you are a part of creating the atmosphere of the community and the direction it is taking. Good for You!

People will support you for supporting them.


Sorry everybody, but social media is not enough alone to market your business, products or services. If you stick to only the media you are on, you will only bring people in your circle. There are thousands and thousands of local and regional people not in your circle that would still spend money on your business, products and service. But they do not know about you, hopefully someone tells them. Can your business afford 'hopefully someone will come'?

TV, Radio, Print, Sponsoring, & of course Social Media, you need it all.

Even the channels you do not watch, listen to or read! Someone is watching, listening and reading them or the marketing entity would not still be in business.


Marketing is expensive but necessary, without it, we will be a ghost town. We all know we need it and would love to have unlimited commercials running but most of us cannot afford the monthly bill. The old ‘can’t live with it and can’t live without it’ conundrum!

This is where I come in personally to fulfill the question of What can I do to help the community with the skills I have? My hustle is Developing Talent in Promotional Modeling & Commercial Acting as well as Producing Creative Marketing Events & Community Entertainment. So I opened Venue 415 on Main, A Pop-Up Shop for Vendors and Main Street Brand Ambassadors, a promotional modeling group with the sole purpose of promoting local.

Join Venue 415 Pop-Up Vendors in a Shared Monthly Marketing Campaign

Monthly ads on KKBS Guymon & Liberal, the Daily Herald, Social Media Content, and Event Pages. Together we can do more.


Locals promoting local business, it is a win-win for everyone!

Free Promotional Services for Main Street Guymon Members

Join as a Business or as a Promotional Model


When is good for you? No more waiting to get started – Let’s Go!

Call, Text or Email “I WANT IN’

Audrey Brooks


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