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Raymond Christie

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I live in Guymon, Oklahoma which is located in the panhandle of Oklahoma. I have lived here most of my life.


I am a musician and have been in several bands and musical projects throughout the years.

My main instrument is guitar, but I also play bass and a little drums.


I am the owner of Sonic Glory Studio. 

It is a full fledged recording studio offering recording, mixing, and mastering. I am passionate about the creation of music.

I graduated from Berklee Online with a degree in music production in May of 2020.

In conjunction with the recording side of the studio I also offer lessons for guitar and bass.

Movies are another favorite pastime of mine.

Not only is it a pastime, it is my livelihood.

I manage the eight screen movie theater (Mitchell Theatres Northridge Cinema 8) in Guymon.


I have worked in the movie exhibition industry since September of 2005. Music and movies are my life. I always tell people,

I may not be a movie star or rock star but I have my part in the two largest entertainment industries in the world.

Sonic Glory Studio 

Raymond Christie

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