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An Acting Family IS a Family Business

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The Truth About Professional Family Acting

Congratulations, your family has decided to become working actors! YEA!!

Family actors are the hot commodity in the industry right now because it is easier than casting 4 different families on location to create one fake family.

Real families who can work on set have a natural dynamic that shows up on camera. Plus, that is the number of family member’s income against expenses.

A professional working family makes everything easier for the film industry.

A single actor is finding it necessary to become attached to a family to land those roles. I am no exception, my non-industry husband has an IMDB Pro page.

Now I’m going to tell you what NO ONE will come out and say…

This is daunting, there are true-life consequences and rewards.

But it IS DOABLE from the middle of nowhere now!

I am also going to offer you Guidance Through the Process

The idea of being on TV is a big dopamine hit in the beginning that sustains through Session 2!

Then other things creep in and draw attention and time away from the goal.

Next thing you know you are not submitting for castings to be working actors. However, everyone does enunciate and project better when arguing now, so there’s that.

Or one career takes off individually and creates new family dynamics and schedules to navigate.

Inner-family jealousy and underlying emotions are spotlighted in an acting family.

Friends not on this path tend to drop off and often peer-rivalry drama ensues.

Everything you do affects your work, so everyone needs to know the rules.

Cut your finger, that costs product commercial bookings.

Change your hair, that costs all new marketing materials.

Marketing children can be expensive because they change so quickly.

Sometimes there is no pay, it costs you, or you barely break even.

There are starting expenses in education, wardrobe, equipment, marketing, and personal maintenance.

There is generally a 2-year development time before the real money comes in, but not always.

To get that real money you must be competitive which takes skills, experience and confidence.

THEN There is What is at Stake to be Professional - Exactly & HONESTLY

If you have signed a job contract and a family member is disagreeable that day and decides not to participate, you can be held in breach of contract and charged damages for the time missed on set.

You are not just missing your wages you are paying for everyone else who did not get to work. It is called the Million Dollar Minute for a reason.

Example, my personal commercial day rate starts at $1,500 a day.

Families are among the top earners in the industry right now.

This is a professional responsibility on every family member to commit to work professionally.

It is up to the parents to figure out how to navigate family personalities and schedules with professional expectations to make it happen.

It is undeniably worth it for one family and a nightmare for another.

It may work one semester or summer for everyone then not again for another year.

We can play devil’s advocate all day long…

Those are the major topics from actual working families.


Big Money Rewards is the Typical Answer

However, Long-Timers Value Experience and Lifestyle

People who are immersed in creative behavior are better scientists, engineers, community developers, they are self-efficient problem solvers who think out of the box and can work with all personality types. This industry develops professional speakers, thinkers, creators, leaders…

A family that embarks on a journey of the soul, mind and body together is magical. Love the Process, it is a Lifestyle and an Adventure Like No Other!



Ease into it together with a plan of intention, create a sustainable lifestyle and see where it goes.

Work Regionally with our Content Creating Team or the Talent Group

Enjoy the Attitude of Community Support and Personal Development

Brooks Avenue is comprised of acting families in the middle of nowhere making a go of it. Join us, together we are a Talent Group with Equal Equity keeping each other motivated and in the game.

Audrey Brooks

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