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Welcome to the New Entertainment Industry

This is my 4th updated training manual and I have to say this is the most revised information I have ever done since 1995. Just Wow!

Welcome to the After Math of Covid and the New Industry.

The entertainment industry imploded with the #MeToo Movement, then thanks to social media, the Covid Pandemic gave the industry a makeover.


That is so exciting, except for actors who have spent their lives dedicated to learning the nuances of their craft only to have the industry dilute the auditions with anyone… But Yea for Everyone!

So be respectful of the ones who have always been in the industry when you are plowing them over in your high tech auditions, just saying.

I hear and read that by 2030 pilot season will no longer exist and the majority of all auditions will be self-taped submissions.

Google this:

How Many Film & Communications Students Graduate from Universities in America Every Year?

Not to mention all of the programs training people, like mine, Brooks Avenue & the mother agency I work for, Diane Dick Model & Talent Agency…

They are all your competition.

You must acquire the necessary skills to succeed in your selected career.

Align your skills to the job you want and be better than the competition.

Talent is submitting auditions, actual commercials and TV scenes by video from their home studios.

A home studio and filming skills are now a necessity and a job requirement.

Talent in Commercials and Influencing Campaigns are now required to be true to the brand.

Ex: a truck driver now needs a CDL to do the ad, the actors in drug commercials have the prescription…

Influencers can be local, regional, national or international and be known for any brand that has followers.

Models still have the same fashion industry requirements but are submitting by video. The more successful the model’s brand, the more bookings.

Actors are being encouraged to sign with a studio, be categorized by genre and bubble to that location. Actors submit on Casting Apps with or without agents.

Families are the New Hot Commodity! Parents, if you have a minor in the industry, you are there anyway.

Google: Anyone Who is Currently Successful in the Entertainment Industry that Does Not Have a Following: I cannot fine one, not even in the crew.

If you want a great job & longevity in entertainment – You must have a name.

Literally, the best Auditions say KNOWN NAME WANTED.

Clients want someone branded who aligns with their brand.

Clients are asking what can you do for me, because this other person can sell thousands of items for me with one post.

Crazy? Yes it is, but it is our new reality.

We are in the age of the common celebrity.

The cool thing is We Create Our Own Celebrity Now!

Don’t get me wrong, you must also have talent, do the work....and it is work.

It is also true that connections help but it all comes down to great self-marketing, AKA Branding.




This industry should be approached as an art, a business and a lifestyle.

You are the product, marketing yourself and your skills are your medium.

Professionalism is expected from all participants, regardless if you are doing this for fun, self-development or developing a career.

All of the information acquired is applicable to life.

The difference between successful people in this industry and everyone else who tried, is the successful people never gave up no matter how many times they were told no.

Love the Process, because it is a lifestyle of dedication, self-discipline and self-motivation. The highlight times are so quick lived.

Just remember this, stay true to yourself, it is even encouraged now.

Realize how much work your competition is doing.

Find your like minded people to keep you motivated and on schedule with your goals.

Join me at Brooks Avenue Talent & Promotional Marketing Agency

Coming Soon to the heart of the Oklahoma Panhandle

Training Talent of All Genres in the Entertainment Industry.

Let me know your entertainment industry interests.

We are starting groups in acting & improv soon! Yee Haw!

Audrey Brooks


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