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Career Starter To-Do Check List

Updated: May 30, 2023






The following information is what it takes to set up your professional career.

You can use this list and get started right away on your own.

As you progress and learn, your media will improve and you will become competitive for the jobs you want. You must plan, work and educate yourself for every success you receive.

ASSIGNMENT: Know What You Want: Lifestyle & Career Goals


Research the Industry Genres & Jobs you are interested in.

Who is Successful in those fields?

How did they get into the business?

What does it really take?

Google all the industry questions you have.

Are you still interested and do you have the time and support for the work and tools required?

Do you want to participate for a creative outlet and arts experience, or for career development?

Do you want to do local and regional work for small businesses and communities?

Do you want to start submitting auditions & traveling for professional work?

What interests do you want to develop?

What lifestyle do you want?

What are you into?

Just Modeling or Just Acting or Just Influencing is Not Enough & Not Enough Substance.

When you look back at your life what do you want to tell your family and people who matter to you?

Now that you know what you want…

Which do want to hear from me?

"Welcome & Yea!" If you are continuing, or

"You Are Welcome Back Anytime. This is a long-game and you are never too old!"

Now Start the Work!



The assignments are set up to help you 'habit stack' during your training and to develop marketing media for workshops, promotions & job submissions.

ASSIGNMENT: Start an Idea Journal Notebook

ASSIGNMENT: Select Your Professional Name for your Professional Media

If you are going to use a professional email, now is the time to establish it.

Email Files are Wonderful for Storing Marketing & Other Information

ASSIGNMENT: Build a Personal Website Page and Link to All Marketing

Start with a Free Web Host

I use

Take advantage of the QR Code

You need on your landing page:

Headshot Photo

Titles & Short Biography

Link to Agencies

Link to Casting App Profiles

Link to Portfolio

Link to Resume

Link to Professional Instagram

Link to Other Professional Social Media

Link to Professional YouTube Channel

ASSIGNMENT: Start Creating a Behind the Scenes (BTS) Video Journal

Document your process and progress.

BTS is marketing gold because casting sees you are taking it serious and professionally by doing the work and showing that you love it.

It also gives you content creating experience.

ASSIGNMENT: Start to align your looks to the job requirements and your brand

If you are planning on changing anything about your looks or physique

(teeth, lasering off spots or moles, muscle gain, hip toning, six pack abs, correcting hair color, removing nails…)


You are marketing your look so if your look is going to take time to complete, start marketing with your training and behind the scenes footage.

If you are already at the ‘look goal’ then start with your marketing & submission reels alongside your training footage.


Talk to Your Agent About Your Job Markets

Know What Your Look Should Be for the Jobs You Are Going After

Never Change Anything without Talking to Your Agent!

Be Aware of the contract clause for changing your looks during production.

It is legal for talent to be charged/sued. More info in Business Workshop.

All marketing materials, except tears and working reels, must be re-shot every time you change your looks.

Marketing materials need to be kept updated and created for your brand and specific job markets.

Actors can come in every size, tattooed, colored hair, pierced… it does not matter, actors need to be a lot of things but are often stereotyped based on the looks & body language they can pull off. Continuity of appearance during shooting is the actors responsibility.

Models are still all natural hair, natural nails, no hair color, no fillers… & must always fit the specific size hired for. High fashion models must be 5’11” or taller and have 34” hips to fit the tiny sample size garments, it’s about the clothes, not the model. Basically anyone with the body type and the right attitude can be successful.

ASSIGNMENT: Set up a Professional YouTube Channel

To Get Started, Upload BTS footage on a Private Playlist & Save for future use.

Edit into Submission Reels & Post Content.

YouTube and Instagram will be your most important marketing outlets.

Content Creating is covered in workshops.

ASSIGNMENT: Set up a Professional Instagram Account

Only Post Career Advantageous Material & Create Content with Purpose

Clean Up All of Your Social Media Sites

Be Brand Specific

Remember a Post is Forever

Post for Work


Do Not Allow Social Media to Run Your Time

ASSIGNMENT: Set up a FREE PROFILE on the following Casting Websites:

Do not set up profile while on the app

Watch the free tutorials on Casting Networks before starting


Type Every Answer to Every Question into a Word document, Save to Copy and Paste for Resume and future use. You will use this information forever.

Casting Networks Used by most commercial modeling & talent agencies.

IMDB Pro Advanced Career App

ASSIGNMENT: Make Practice Submission Reels

Start reading through all the castings on the Casting Apps

Create submission media from actual auditions and save on your YT Playlist as Sample of Work Reels.

You can submit to jobs if you pay for the app.

Auditions and Job Skills are covered in Workshops .

ASSIGNMENT: Watch Your YouTube Channel Reels & Footage

Always preview on a Large Screen TV – Casting Agents Are.

Learn from your footage. You can describe your friend’s quirks, but not your own – you need to see and hear yourself to direct yourself in body language and expressions. Watch your submission reels on the big screen before submitting, but do not become obsessed with perfection. Accept your human qualities, real is what Casting Agents Want.

ASSIGNMENT: Start Collecting and Setting Up a Home Studio & Portable Studio

Storage Space is essential for tech equipment, wardrobe & etcetera

Camera or Phone Camera, Charger, Extension Cord, Tripod

External Microphone for Camera or Pro Sound Equipment

Editing Software or Phone Editing App

3 Photography Studio Lights, Ring Lights are ok

Backdrop Rig 10’ wide necessary for a full body shot

Solid Color Backdrops, Color Best for your skin & a Green Screen

Dry Erase Board, Markers & Tripod for Scripts

Turquoise or a Solid Color Top without logos for Reels

ASSIGNMENT: Start Collecting and Organizing a Professional Go Bag

Go Bags are career genre specific. See Content List Below

Be Patient With Yourself - This is Time Consuming, most of us get what has to be done first then keep adding to it as we go. You are Under Development its ok to not be perfect and as professional as A-List Celebrities.

Contact Audrey Brooks if you have any questions or set up a coaching session


Go Bag is a polite term for all of the stuff you need with you all of the time!

I personally have a car wardrobe rack, packed garment bag of basics, two hanging shoe bags, a rolling suitcase full of toiletries, media bag all ready to grab and go.

I also do crew work so I have advanced makeup, wardrobe and location kits.



Business Card with Press Kit Links – QR Code

Printed Headshots or Comp Cards

Portfolio – Printed Book or iPad charged & easily accessible

Phone on Silent BEFORE Entering Gig

Charger, Tripod

Idea Notebook


Keep a file of photos or videos of your nails, hair, makeup, wardrobe...titled for specific scenes. In theory, the art department will do this during the shoot. Talent that are in the habit of keeping track of their appearance are not only crew favorites, but are in more control of their performance and their career.

Also keep a check list of items to repack on location.

If you leave something on set you may never see it again.


Teeth: Floss, Toothbrush, Paste, Whitening, Tongue Brush

Nails: File, Cuticle Oil & Clipper, Polish Remover

Nails for Models: Clear or Nude only on fingers and toes, no white

Nails for Actors: Nails, along with hair, makeup...must stay consistent throughout shoots and re-shoots. Be mindful and keep your polish color with you.

Hair: Talent should be able to style their own hair 3 different ways, bring items necessary.

Skincare: Face and Body

Everyone's list is different

Makeup: Every Performer Should Have a Personal High Definition (HD) Correctional Makeup Kit for Reels

Actors: Character Kit w FX Makeup, Wigs, Accessories, Wardrobe, Character Notebook. Most FX Projects have Artists, but not all projects. Actors who can do their own FX is an asset.

Personal Health, Hydration & Snacks

Talent with food restrictions should bring food and snacks.

Keep a mini oral health kit with your lunch box.

***Everything Must Be Unscented

Lotion, Deodorant… No Cologne or Perfume

WHY? No one wants to buy a new outfit that smells like someone else.



Keep Wardrobe Items for Jobs Only & Not Every Day Wear

Collect solid colors without logos

Head Cover or Be Prepared to Pay Damages for Client’s Dirty Collars

Drop Cloth to change on

Pop Up Dressing Room

Portable Garment Rack

Portable Steamer & a Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Mini Sewing Kit

Lint Brush

Static Guard

Stain Remover

Elastic Bands to fit waist and arms

Bulldog Clips

Shoes Models: Closed & Open Toe Stiletto heels in Black & Nude

Shoes Actors: Your comfort is ok! Black, Brown, Nude, Athletic, Casual, Dressy

Variety of Undergarments

in Black, White, Nude:

Bra Collection:




Full-Bottom Briefs


Guys- Fitted Boxers

Reels / Auditions:

Solid Color T-Shirt or Top

NO Logos or Distractions

Good Fitting Jeans

Select Shoes that are Character Appropriate for the Audition or Project

OR Dress for the Audition

Business, Athletic...Actors Choice

Models: Black Fitted Outfit



Fitted Black Dress or Skirt


Noisy Fabric is BAD on set!

Talent, Crew, Visitors...take heed.

More Covered in Job Skills Sessions or Contact Audrey Brooks at

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