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Hey Y'all - Hollywood is Coming!

Updated: May 28, 2023

Get ready Y'all a wave of opportunities for actors is coming to our region. Yee Haw!

It’s a new day for the entertainment industry in the Panhandle. “If you build it, they will come…” I could not resist.

Sharpened Iron Productions in Amarillo is building it, and they are coming!

​At Sharpened Iron Studios, we are building, a world-famous studio in a welcoming community with a film legacy spanning for over a century. Your production will have a place to thrive in a state-of-the art studio in a unique setting and experience for your production. Our people and this community will ensure excellent outcomes and satisfaction for your project.

​Whether you’re creating a major feature film or a single day commercial shoot, our dedicated team will ensure your experience at Sharpened Iron Studios is truly captivating.

The Texas Film Commission & Top of Texas Film Commission will be able to promote union & non-union film and television jobs for actors and crew in the Panhandle. I am just riffing from my personal experience here, but Cast Away brought millions in tourism dollars to Canadian, TX by filming a few scenes there. I was the location scout and worked in Location Management for that film, I know what my department spent. In fact, the scene where Tom Hanks is driving on a highway looking at his map, that is outside of Pampa. The T-DOT received a check for $70,000 for that one scene to close some back roads. Now I am not saying we are going to get that kind of money, unless we can get Bob Zemeckis out here to film! Waking Up in Reno brought in over a million, not only for Amarillo but several of the small towns and attractions along the highway throughout the Panhandle.

The same goes for every major and independent project that comes to the area, it all promotes growth and is the ultimate marketing for our community. The Arrington Ranch B&B in Canadian, TX is still a spin-off business from the film. Generally, when location scouting for a feature film, an hour or so drive from the airport is the cut off on the map for location opportunities. But now with the production hub in Amarillo, we are on the table for location scouting.

Get ready to be put on the map Panhandle, we have locations in our area that are worth the drive from Amarillo and if our communities offer tax incentives, great food, lodging and entertainment for film crews we can generate some of that revenue for our community. And if our area is producing an excellent talent pool, all the more reason to film local, the talent and crew could be from here.

If our communities have ever had an incentive to clean up and start working towards their potential, NOW is that time. The City, County, Chamber and Main Street Guymon are doing absolutely amazing things for our community and could use community members help. Contact Main Street Guymon to volunteer and find out what your community is up to.

If you would like your home, property or business to be surveyed and submitted as a potential shoot location to the Oklahoma, Texas and Top of Texas Film Commissions, please call me. Audrey Brooks 612-418-4911 Producers are already looking for locations as it takes an average film 2 years to get into production. Now is the time to start submitting our bedroom communities and their charming diverse people. Our diversity alone makes the Panhandle a wealth of talent – but you must be trained, the competition is.

Casting Calls are already happening for local filming of the prequel to Yellowstone and more!

Opportunities like never before will be coming up for commercial, TV & film actors of all ages.

Will you be ready? You only get one chance to make a great impression with a casting director and most commercial auditions are only watched if you nailed the slate.

Are you sure you’re ready? Your competition is.

But that is not all that is happening for the entertainers in the Panhandle…


next to the Guymon Community Theatre is opening a Performing Arts Centre

under Brooks Avenue LLC, directed by Audrey Brooks.

It is more than a Performing Arts Center, it is an Entertainer’s Conservatory

A place where creative people can contribute their talents and be a part of making something that raises everyone up. GCT’s Spotlight Player’s still talk about shows in the 80’s. This experience and education sticks and so does the family you belong to in the theatre and entertainment business.



If you would like to teach, assist

or host your program in the facility, contact Audrey at 612-418-4911.

We will produce several productions throughout the year, have touring opportunities and produce creative & entertaining marketing events with the community for the novice and professional.

KKBS The Boss 92.7 & 100.5 has signed Main Street Management as their Talent Agency!

It is just potential waiting!

Main Street Guymon has welcomed Brooks Avenue’s Main Street Brand Ambassador promotional modeling program and helped make it a success. It is now being looked at by Ok Economic & Business Development Offices, Area Chambers of Commerce and Main Street America as a program for all communities.

Perks for Community Retailers- A Local Pool of Promotional Talent with Large Regional Followings

Actors and Models in class will use Venue 415 Vendors to create practice promotional campaigns. Vendors are able to use the talents media for marketing and gives the talent exposure.

Actos and Models in Main Street Model Management will be booked for promotional campaigns.

Clients are able to hire professional talent that will create relationships and generate traffic.

Clients are also able to hire Brooks Avenue to create promotional events.

The time to start preparing for your success is now!

Call or Text Audrey Brooks Now 612-418-4911

Thank you for reading!

Audrey Brooks

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