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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Let’s start at the beginning of all things: Showing Up

Be Early, Eager & Prepared...



A Call Time is when the talent/staff is required to Start Working,

A Call Time is Not Arriving & Settling In

***Always Arrive 15 Minutes Early

Add Additional Time if Your Require Additional Prep Time


Notify the Booking Contact ASAP

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared for Traffic

Please, Out of Professionalism, Love for Your Career, Respect of Your Peers…

Do Not Blindside Your Gig & Keep People Waiting


Or your investment is for nothing and your professionalism card is revoked.


Do No Cancel Unless it is Life or Death

Notify the Gig Contact & Your Agent Immediately

Apologize Big Time or They Will Cancel You


Do Not Accept a Booking You’re Not Sure You Can Make

Be Aware of the contract cancelation clause.

It is legal for talent to be charged/sued for canceling.

Time is literally money when there are investors, crew, talent, locations, rentals and more moving parts in play than you realize. Each entity charge for their time and services allotted; even when the talent does not show up and the shoot is ruined.

Google talent who have been sued for breach of contract, it’s ugly.


Auditions are as verse as jobs and will be covered with the job skill sessions.

BOOKINGS / You Need to Know:


Keep Digital & Written Notes in case of Cell Failure.

What is the Project

What are You Doing

What do You Need

What is the Pay

When is the Event

When is Your Call Time

When is Your End Time

Where is the Venue Location

Where do You Report

Who is Your Contact & #

Who do You Report to at the Event

Who is the Client?

How do You Get Paid

Do you need:

A job voucher

Tax ID Info



Work Visa...

Ask Questions When You Are Auditioning!

Be Prepared, Think Ahead

Always have your Go Bag

See Career Starter Check List Session 1


Do not sign ANYTHING without legal counsel first

Contracts are specific to the media genre and job

Work Visas, Vouchers, Entertainment, Trademark & Copyright Laws are covered in job skill sessions

Average for Contract Agreements:

Manager 10-25%

Mother Agent 10%

Booking Agent 20-25%

Self-Booked Paychecks are still Commissioned to Your Agents that represent you in that Market or City.

Mother Agency Fees Applies to ALL Markets & Bookings.

This will be covered more in the Workshop:

Talent Management for Parents & New Talent, by Amber Hollis-Fesmire.

Difference Between Agency Bookings & Self Bookings:

Agencies get better jobs directly from Casting Agencies & Projects.

Agencies generally know the clients and safety of booking.

Agencies are bonded and will go after clients who do not pay you.

Agents only get paid when you get paid.

Agents send you castings that fit your profile for their market genre.

Agencies specialize or have multiple departments and multiple booking agents.

Commercial Agent, Fashion Agent, Fitness Agent, Film Agent, Photographers Agent…

Booking Agents manage several Talent through Casting Apps.

Some Agencies have thousands of talent on their casting app and send casting opportunities out based on your profile settings.


Simply buy a membership to the casting app or apps you want to use.

Check the castings every day & submit for the ones you want.

All of the same professionalism applies… castings are open to everyone on the app

Self Bookings are All On You

Casting, Contracts to Collections…

Many online bookings only have a submission link and no contact.

Call backs often have a contact person with a project email or phone

Some are scams, know when it is appropriate to pay for things and when it is not.

Travel, lodging, food, time, continued use… contract details of royalties or flat rate… It is All On You.

Do Not Hire Someone Else to Do What You Can Do Yourself. It chisels your pay away.

It can take 6 months to get paid for a gig.

Oh yes… do not spend it before you have it.

If you have an agent, let your agent in on your self-submission and they can handle it legally, you are going to pay their agency fees anyway. & If you do not and your agency finds out, you will be blacklisted.


Let me be very clear:

If you change your look, you must change all of your current marketing materials, except working tears.

If your look is under contract and you change it without Written permission, you can be found in breach of contract and sued.

Google how much a day on set of a commercial or film costs.

You can be sued for the entire day rate of the production if you are a lead and your scenes affect everyone.


Before you develop your expensive and time consuming marketing materials you must be done developing yourself.

Use your development and transformation in your Behind the Scenes Reels

Marketing Materials needed are specific to career goals and are covered in job skill sessions. Or schedule a one on one coaching time with Audrey.




Social Media


Comp Cards


Digital Press Kit



Reels: Body of Work Samples

Real People Commercial

Beauty Commercial





Screen Test

Voice Over


Influencer Content

Behind the Scenes




On and On

More is covered in the workshop.

For more information contact Audrey Brooks at

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