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On-Location & International Bound

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

It's Location - Not Vacation

Know what to expect when you arrive at your Location or International gig


Learn About Your Destination Culture

Make a playlist about the country, city, food, customs, things to do, history, culture, music… get to know a little bit of everything.

Are there customs you need to make preparations for?

Your down time will be slim so do not waste any of it in your apartment.

Plan-Ahead for all expenses but do not forget additional vacation entertainment expenses.

Research and make a calendar of things you can do throughout the week if you have downtime in a specific area of the city.

(EX: A go-see cancels, and you have a few free hours… a museum in the area is free today.)

*Maps – Digital & Printed

Study the Map

Talk to your agent about the locations of their clients and if there is anything you need to know about getting there.

Take a Small Compass and Small Binoculars

In Italy, a piazza has 5 streets intersecting. You can either start walking to read the signs (which are often posted on the building side) or pullout your tools and find where you are, look at the streets in your tiny binoculars and save yourself 20 minutes.

Keep your travel tools, along with your portfolio, comp cards, head cover, notebook, pen, cute zip clutch to collect business cards.

Always collect business cards or information.


I say this in every class and yet I can still tell you horror stories from talent who did not listen.

Your Agencies are putting Everything you spend on your ledger.

Agencies will often cover your travel, transportation, lodging, and food to get you to them, before you ever do a casting.

Those expenses are put on your ledger.

When you get a paycheck from a job they pay against your agency bill.

If you leave the agency without making any money they will send you or your next agency a bill.


Spread your money out in different locations once you arrive.

If your money belt is stolen from your room and everything was in it is a big drama. Most likely your other bags and tech will be ransacked and stolen too, so hide it throughout the room.

Do not forget to find everything you hid and take it with you when you leave.


Do not ever dig through all your money in front of someone.

Get out small bills in tourist areas.

Front pant pockets are harder to pick than back of pants and jackets.

Ask the agency if they have a safe and keep the majority of your money and paperwork there.

You must always have your passport and possibly work visa on you at all times.

Do not wait to pick up your paycheck and stuff in the safe, at the last minute before your leaving the country. Go by at least a day or two before you plan to leave or when your last check is ready, because something always happens.

Keep your passport and money in a money belt around your waist.

Take a Self Defense Class!!!! Being a Victim is Preventable.


Print a chart that has photos of money and the value.

Do Not rely on the taxi driver to make accurate exchanges for you!


Start learning basic conversational ______.

Download a translator app and take a tiny English _____ dictionary for when your Wi-Fi is down.

In the least, know how enough of the local language to get around.


Be sure your contracts are signed and solid before you leave for location.


Your Agent or Booker Will Have Details

Be sure you have your passport and all legal documents.


Remember, Your Agent will expect that expense back after you get a paycheck.


Your agent is providing a driver?

Ask if they are paying for it or if it will be added to your bill?

Learn how to use a bus, train, taxi, or whatever the public transportation is where you are going.

Learn how to read a public transportation map.

They are already confusing in your native language.

Find out what your International Cell Chares are going to be.

Will you have Wi-Fi and compatible service?

What if you do not have a cell phone or it dies or gets stolen.

Put as much information as you can on the front and back of a sheet of paper to keep on you at all times. Keep a copy in every bag.


Do not take more than you can carry. NO LIE!

Backpack Carry On with All Your Modeling Tools.

Smaller Day Backpack inside with portfolio…

Plan on your luggage to be lost.

Carry on enough that you do not miss a meeting.

Start with the necessities. Skin care, Grooming, Makeup, Hair… Necessities (Compact as possible)

Wardrobe for Go Sees and Call Backs is always the Same, so they remember you.

Runway Heels, Fashionable Athletic Shoes for literally running between Go Sees!

Shirt or Robe for Makeup Chair before a casting.


Clubs will provide you VIP Service, in exchange they will capitalize on your presence in their establishments and using their brands.

Be Smart


Make Good Decisions – Alcohol and Sugar Bloat are Real! And it really shows up on the camera and takes up to 3 days to flush out of your system.

Have a great time, order whole foods and drink water with lime.

Remember you are your business.

YOU’RE YOUR MAMA NOW, Make Good Choices

You will need to be prepared and aware at all times.

Do not trust people just because they are good looking and sweet talking.

They are seasoned professionals, know when something is too good to be true.

It is hard and scary, but you can do it.

Build your support team, be smart, be business minded, know your skills, know your value, know who you are, do not get talked into things you do not want to do, and take self-defense classes.


When all else fails, Kick ‘em in the ding-ding and run, Remember to Yell "Fire" in the native language, and practice using your mace before mis-using it on yourself or finding out it does not work!

I am excited for you and wish I was going too! Love & Best Wishes.


What to do when you get to your location is job specific and covered in Workshops.

Contact Audrey Brooks for more information.

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