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Skincare Reels SESSION 2 Personal Development

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Tutorial Reel ‘My Skincare Routine’

Do your daily skincare Reel

Upload your Submission Reels to Your YouTube Channel

Send the Link to

Make as many as you need to discover what works for you in the camera.

Be your fun relaxed self just talking to a friend.

Do I need to say no nudes?

Use product knowledge, techniques, what works for you…on camera.

Learn How, watch YouTube tutorials or take a Camera Acting Workshop with Audrey if you do not know the nuances of washing your face on camera.

Did you know you should only use your middle and ring fingers...things like that.

Location Tips:

Bad quality will prevent your reel from being submitted.

Lighting, you must look professionally lit.

Sound quality, prevent the echo by added padding on hard surfaces.

Location, clean up the background.

Do not show product labels that you are not pitching, turn the bottle or cover with tape.

Never show the toilet unless the reel is about the toilet. Ewe is put into the viewer’s mind.


There is power in knowledge. Understanding your skin on a cellular and genetic level is a time worthy investment that will pay off for the rest of your life. I wish I could say I have the definitive answer to your skin problems, unfortunately, humans are not a one solution fits all species. What works for me might not work for you. I can tell you what I know from my cosmetology license, years in the industry, and what my makeup artists, facialists, dermatologists and doctors with podcasts have to say and give you some Pro Tips.

If you know how the skin functions and what is causing the mis-functions, you will know what you specifically need to do to take care of it. Honestly, it usually comes down to what you are putting into your body and your stress level as much as a bacterial infection, chemical or hormonal imbalance.

Did you know that what is happening on the outside of your skin reflects what is happening inside of your body? Meaning, if something is wrong with your skin maybe you should have a check-up with your family practitioner as well as a dermatologist and see if anything is going on inside.


It is so easy just ask Alexa, YouTube or Google!

But before you do, only believe peer-reviewed science, since 2016, from doctors that are NOT SELLING Anything. Skincare companies hire actors to play doctors and are selling you Their skin theory.

Only use reliable sources from educators, find out who financed the study, usually it is the skin care co.

Sadly, there is almost no truth in marketing. We should know that as commercial actors.

Know when you are being sold a product line versus what your skin actually needs.

Know when it is ok to use cheap products with low-grade ingredients and when it is not.

Know and Believe that food is medicine or poison.

Dermatologists used to say food has nothing to do with your completion.

HELLO – Of Course Your Skin is Directly Affected by What Your Eat, Every Cell in Your Body IS! Its Science. You have control to grow the skin of your dreams through nutrition and fitness.

If you have an allergic reaction get rid of it immediately.

If it is not working, before you try something else…know that it takes our bodies weeks, months and sometimes years to make those changes we want NOW. The longer your skin and body has mis-functioned the longer it will take to correct it completely. Be diligent and self-disciplined.


Consistent Skincare Routine Every Morning & Night with the Right Products

Facial Tapping, Gentle Cupping, Reiki & Massage for Lymph Draining

Exercise Facial & Neck Muscles, Search Mewing on YouTube, It’s a Thing!

Exercise Core to Keep Posture Upright & Tone

Vocal Warm-ups

Hydrate with Electrolytes

Eat Truly Healthy

Google: Whole 30, Toxin Cleanse, LMNT Electrolytes, Collagen, AG1

Follow Andrew Huberman’s Protocol for Optimal Health

Stay out of the sun and away from processed foods and environmental toxins the best you can.

Smoking dehydrates your cells terribly and causes premature aging.

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn.



I finally tried BOTOX for the first time on my forehead, it lifted my entire face - Amazing.

I had a little less than a usual dose and I’m not gonna lie…I freaking love love love it.

But I also passed out, so there’s that.

I also love my skin after an Oxygen or Hydro Facial, and I’ve never passed out! It is addicting to want that look all the time, so take extra care to stay hydrated internally and topically between facials because all of this skincare becomes very pricy. Sadly, I only splurge on one of these 3-5 days before an event to erase stress and exhaustion.

Do Not Do a Facial the Day Before Any Important Event, you could have reactions.

I have had sun spots removed with Laser Facials, which are also used for acne scars.

I would do this again because it worked and has lasted almost two years now.

Many people also do their chest, hands and forearms.

Be sure to schedule the down time for the healing process

You will peel and it will be ugly, but So Worth It.

It does feel like you are getting smacked with a rubber band every time a spot is zapped.

*Do Not Peel the loose flaking skin coming off, sometimes for as long as 7-10 days or longer after the facial. You will not want to have any bookings or public appearances as the spots turn black and start to lift off. If you peel it off early, even gently and barely, it will leave little pits in your skin that could scar and are susceptible to bacteria.

*Stay out of the sun after a Laser Facial or you will peel like you have never peeled before. No Joke.

TJ Maxx has expensive products for less than Walmart brand.

I try to find the familiar brands I have tried and liked, but usually end up with something different every time. I take a picture of the ones I hate and save it in an email file of Do Not Buy Again!

I avoid fragrances and unnecessary fillers in products.

My dermatologist said everyone needs Hyaluronic acid followed by a moisturizer and a sunscreen.


Weekly Rodan & Fields Dermabrasion Paste and Steam Facials.

Honey Masks dissolve dead skin with natural lactic acid.

Deep clean your face, steam for 10 minutes or so. Dry your face and literally smear honey all over your face for around 20 minutes. Do not leave on too long or your face will burn like a mild sunburn.

These are wonderful for anti-aging, plumping, and acne scarring also.

Always Start with Washing Your Hands Before Touching Your Face!

I remove eye makeup and foundation with Albolene (Wall Mart). It is thick like Vaseline and dissolves the oil based HD, Correctional, Film, and Stage Makeup. Use your middle & ring fingers in small circles to break up the bonds in the makeup. Double duty for your facial massage and lymph draining.

Remove makeup with sensitive Expensive wet wipes because makeup does not come out of fabric and cheap wet wipes denigrate. *Never use toilet paper or Kleenex on your face, it splinters into the skin.

Then I use a Sensitive Cleanser and a Silicone Scrubber (Dollar Tree) to get the Albolene off.

Pores face downward, rub upward or use circles to get product up into the pores.

I remove it with a White Non-Dyed Wash Cloth, (also the cheapest at Walmart)

If I do not wear makeup, I always wash my fact twice.

The first cleansing only removes the surface dirt.

A second deeper cleansing is required to remove gunk deep in the pores.

I exfoliate with Proactive Scrub because the silicone scrubber is not enough alone.

Or I use good quality Sea Salt smashed into granules as an exfoliant. Do Not Use Iodized Table Salt

Sprinkle a small amount onto a little cleanser and gently scrub your face and neck.

This also works for a body scrub, add it to your body soap. Exfoliate your entire body daily also.

Cut out the salt if your skin becomes too dry. Sugar works also because the edges soften when wet. Don’t eat it!

Do Not Use Rough Scrubs with things like apricot seeds, they damage your skin.

Do not put salt into your product container

Do not use the electric scrub brushes or scrub sponges, they damage your skin.

A suction exfoliator can easily be damaging if used improperly.

I use a Hyaluronic Acid gel or cream usually from a pump. Let it dry completely before continuing.

Apply a Collagen Moisturizer, let it dry completely.

Apply an Eye Cream, let it dry completely.

Apply a Sensitive Facial Sunscreen, let it dry before applying a Foundation Primer & Foundation


Your face is especially susceptible to bacteria and corrosions. Colored towels constantly release dye particles onto your skin, you can’t see but it contributes to skin irritation. You can see it in a super-magnifying mirror.

I went to cosmetology school so I could do the services for myself and save money.

No, really I did make up for Seventeen Magazine, News Channels, Accents West, Lifestyle Magazine, portfolio development for John Robert Powers and other agencies, Photography Assistant, and even have an Italian Vogue credit, plus a lot more adventures thanks to my cosmetology degree and my agent. Wink-Wink.

This is a Living Document Updated Periodically

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