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Drama Therapy Assignment: 'Things I Can’t Get Over'

Make a List - No More than 20! of 'Things I can’t get over…'

Use the assignment to delve deep into those things that you just really haven’t gotten over and explore it. Keep and use the material that is too sensitive now for later, time seems to allow that. Remember to select some funny things too! Those can be bonus questions if you need the 20!

Remember, you select the material that is presented to the class, posted and submitted.

Just because you vent it in your notebook or on a reel, doesn’t mean you have to present, post or submit it. Watch it, learn and heal from it.

Always Keep your Idea Notebook handy.

Keep your Notebook Private.

First, people steal ideas even when they do not realize it.

Second, people talk and then they all say “I only told one person.”

Yea one person after another.

Respect others secret notebooks and hopefully they will respect yours.


Create Reels from Your ‘Things I Can’t Get Over’ list.

Make as many as you want for your channel and media.

Submit at least one to BA Talent

Upload your Submission Reels to Your YouTube Channel

Send the Link to

I will give you acting notes if you want them.

And let you know the reels I want to post on BA Talent.

The acting part is focused work and fun. But the subject matter can mess with your mind. If you are going to actual therapy, talk to your therapist about the assignments and how you can apply them to your work together.

Otherwise, have fun venting and stating the obvious!


‘OG’ Original Gooney

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